• AliveShoes gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch. We take care of all production and logistics from Le Marche, Italy, the most exclusive shoemaking district in the world.

  • AliveShoes is ideal for...

    Young designers, stylists, artists, musicians, students and shoe lovers starting from scratch and wanting to challenge themselves and experiment with designing and selling their custom made shoes in the real world.

    Professional designers, entrepreneurs and marketing people wanting to grow their designer footwear brand.

    Companies with established brands who are looking to extend their product offerings by launching a custom shoes line.

  • To join AliveShoes, start by submitting your application. Once you are accepted, you can design and sell your own custom shoes. Use our online tools to design and customize your own amazing custom shoes down to the final, intricate details. Choose from more than 130 bases, including fashion sneakers, sport & activewear, street fashion, fashion sandals, women’s designs, men’s classic, and kids designs. Work with different material types and select from a palette of more than 100 colors and materials. Add your own logos and customize your product packaging to match your brand.

    Once you have your customized shoes, launch your campaign to reach your first 7 pre-orders sales. Completion of this goal launches production of your custom shoes and allows you to continue selling through your custom e-shop. Your shoes are manufactured and shipped directly to your customers in 15 to 20 business days. You never have to think about production, shipping or customer service; AliveShoes has got you, your shoes, and your shoppers covered. For each pair of custom shoes sold, you earn $30 profit, which can be easily transferred to your PayPal account.

    Following your first 7 pre-order sales, you’ll be awarded your AliveShoes Official Designer Certificate to use as a valuable distinction on your CV or résumé.

    Also, at the 7 sales mark, you’ll be able to access our new fashion collective called The Shoe Circle and showcase your design to a worldwide audience and get direct introduction in the world of fashion.

    When you've reached 7 sales on one of your shoe designs, you’re granted access to AliveShoes Kids and AliveShoes Fashion Accessories sections.

    You’ll be able to design and sell a wide variety of high-quality fashion accessories ranging from bags and purses to designer masks and clothing. An amazing new space to develop your creativity and expand your brand. See the Fashion accessories gallery here>

    You’ll be also given access the kids section with 15+ shoe models dedicated to the little ones. Both expansions will boost your brand even further and help you reach more customers. The best part: it is a whole lot of fun! See the Kids gallery here>

    As your brand grows and you reach bigger set sales goal, you will gain access to free AliveShoes premium services, including PR boost at 10 sales and Brand boost at 50 sales, to further boost your shoe line. Learn more information about How It Works.

  • Once you are accepted through our application process, AliveShoes is for free. The only cost to you is if you choose to upgrade to the platform’s PRO version. For a $99 lifetime fee, you’ll expand your designer toolbox with access to additional features, including styles, materials and customization options. Learn more about the PRO features and add-ons.

  • Use our Contact Us section to receive a response within 72 hours or less. If the live chat sign is on, you can also communicate with us in real time.

  • AliveShoes main design and production headquarters is located in Le Marche, Italy. We also have three additional offices in Milan, Italy, Amsterdam and San Francisco, California (USA). Visit our about us page to get more informations.

  • Of course you can! We are always looking for great talent to join us. For more information about available opportunities, please visit our Careers section.

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