Front-end developer

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  • Italy, remote, international
  • Full time
  • Tech
  • Mid-Senior

About AliveShoes

AliveShoes is an integrated platform that lets people and companies design, make, buy and sell custom footwear.
We boost an international community of 100.000+ people and brands that use our tools every day to develop and launch amazing products from scratch.

Our production is handled in Italy in the biggest and most prestigious shoe design and development cluster in the world called The Shoe valley (Located in Le Marche, Italy).

We are leading the biggest revolution in the shoe and fashion industry of the last 50 years. Joining us means to be at the upfront avantgarde of fashion-tech.

Job Description

The AliveShoes platform is made by 2 pieces The first one is the main user-facing platform, that includes the onboarding website, the shoe-building tools, the ecommerce platform, the user dashboards. The second one is the internal dashboard that track users, products, data, supply chain and manage content.

You will develop tools for the final customers, the designers community and the shoe producers network.

You will develop front end parts of the platform using javascript/html5/css3 stack.

You will work together with the tech, product and the design team

You will perform manual user testing and you will be using user testing software to improve the UI of the website

You will be creating responsive design for web & mobile


You can create professional front-end responsive;
You have strong front-end skills using javascript/html5/css3
You have great sense of design;
You are a pixel perfect practitioner
You have great organizational skills, you are a multi-tasker, problem solver and you love to get things done;
You are able to execute quickly in a chaotic and challenging startup environment;
You are able to work in multi-disciplinary teams;
You are eager to learn new tools, new technologies and you have an experimental bias;
You have at least 5 years experience in front-end design and have worked with a professional team of engineers and designers or have developed web applications yourself;
You have a bachelor in design, computer science or equivalent knowledge in software design.


We normally get to speak with 30% of the applicants. If we find a fit we will get back to you in less than a week.

The first part of the process involve an initial skype call, a test you can do from remote and a small talk again once you have done with the test.

The second part of the process will be a 2 day full working day with us. We will fly you from whenever you are located and reimburse reasonable expenses.
At the end of the 2 days we will tell you if you are hired.

The hiring period is divided in two phases, a 3 month trial period, and a 1 year to 3 years contract after the trial.

For this position you will get about gross 3.000$/month for the 3 month trial, and about 4.000$/month for the contract (this may vary based on the experience)
All expenses are paid by the company (life + travel, including accommodation, if it’s not a remote role).
You will get sales-based bonuses (this will be defined together)
You will immediately get shares in the company with 3 years vesting period and 1 year cliff.


AliveShoes is a startup, that means we go fast, we don't follow the standard rules (so don’t ask), we are hands-on and we do lots of extra job. We look for exceptional people with plenty of energy, lot's of ambition that strive for excellence. If you want to start an amazing journey in the fashion-technology industry, grow fast and learn a lot in just a few months, give this application your best shot.

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