Tailor-made service

  • Send a sketch or a photo
  • Get a totally new style
How it works
If you are looking for a shoe style that is specifically tailor-made to your needs, you can use our professional tailor-made service. We will turn your sketch or a photo into a totally new style based on our structures for a flat rate of $899. You will be able to customize your new style directly from your design tools in less then 4 weeks. The offer includes a free pair in your size.
  • Send us your stuff

    Send us a sketch or a photo + a small description
  • Get our proposal

    We'll propose 2 variations (with a minimum of 70% accuracy)
  • Your shoe is ready

    We'll develop the shoe and make it available on your tools in less then 4 weeks

tailor-made service

tailor-made service

From your idea to the real product in less then 4 weeks
  • Step 1 // Technical design creation

    Once you have sent us your sketch or photo and purchased the service, we will transform into a technical design based on our structures and show to you in one week

  • Step 2 // Prototype making

    Once the technical design has been approved, we will start making a prototype

  • Step 3 // Template digitalization

    Once the prototype is done, we will turn it into a digital model and you will be able to customize it and buy it directly in your design tools


The tailor-made service includes a free prototype in your size.

Some examples
Download this handy sketch guide for an overview of the designing process and learn how to create a perfect sketch.
What people are saying

I was impressed by the speed of the whole process. From sketch to the real shoe in 4 weeks is insane.

Marie Bullet

I couln't believe how smooth the process was. Totally happy with the shoe itself and the service.

Jeff Kanser

You find this kind of service only if you work inside a big Fashion company. What they are doing is completely amazing.

Marco Binola

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