Business developement associate

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  • International, remote
  • Part-time
  • Sales & marketing
  • Junior-mid

About AliveShoes

AliveShoes is an integrated platform that lets people and companies design, make, buy and sell custom footwear.
We boost an international community of 100.000+ people and brands that use our tools every day to develop and launch amazing products from scratch.

Our production is handled in Italy in the biggest and most prestigious shoe design and development cluster in the world called The Shoe valley (Located in Le Marche, Italy).

We are leading the biggest revolution in the shoe and fashion industry of the last 50 years. Joining us means to be at the upfront avantgarde of fashion-tech.

Job Description

You will be working from remote with possible face to face sync sessions.
You will be doing business developement in order to attract customers and companies to use the platform, either by offering custom shoes specifically designed for them, or by informing them about the features that the platform offers.
On the B2B side you will be reaching out to corporates, start-ups, fashion companies, fashion designers, event organizers, clubs, non-profits, universities, organizations in search for great custom merchanidise.
On the B2C side you will be reaching out to fashion minded consumers in your networks, emerging or want-to-be fashion designers
You will be using our internal dashboards and tools to reach out to your prospects and close the deals.
You will be focusing on specific geographies and clusters of users.
You will have a monthly sales budget to reach.
You will be earning a fixed fee and a variable amount based on your sales.
You will be levereging you own private and professional network first and then reach out to new networks
You will report monthly with the CEO.


Fluent English spoken and written.

You have already worked in sales or business development for at least one year.

You have at least 5 B2B clients and 20 B2C clients you can start off easily

You are familiar with tech, you can use team communication tools, online dashboards.

You are very organized and you can maintain and execute on different layers. You are not scared of responsibilities.

You are data driven, you like to measure results and optimize processes, you have a business oriented mindset.

You love difficult challenges and you are stimulated to work with startups and talented people.

You are entrepreneurial, ambitious and energetic. You are a doer, you like to wear many hats when needed, and you are super goal oriented.


We normally get to speak with most of the applicants. If we find a fit in the application we will get back to you in less than a week.

The first part of the process involve an initial skype call, and then a practical test you can do from remote and a small talk again once you have done with the test.

The work period is divided in two phases, a 3 month trial period, on which you need to reach your minimum number of leads/week and you need to reach your monthly sales goal at least once.
We offer $1000 gross base compensation/Month + sales bonuses ($300/month up to $10,000 Euro/month).

After the trial, you will be offered a more structured deal.


AliveShoes is a startup, that means we go fast, we don't follow the standard rules we are hands-on and we do lots of extra job. We look for exceptional people with plenty of energy, lot's of ambition that strive for excellence. If you want to start an amazing journey in the fashion-technology industry, grow fast and learn a lot in just a few months, give this application your best shot.

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